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Meet Our Newest Sisters


Introducing our Spring 2022 Lambda Class!


#55 Rebecca *avandá* Beloy

#56 Hanh *Lanvin* Le

#57 Susan *evesiá* Lin

#58 Janet *Mirabilis* Lopez-Sanchez

#59 Sarah *Voltaire* Webb

Thank you to their Mama Annie *Antigone* Kim and their Papa Suqi *Gravati* Jiang for educating these Dedicated Female Leaders®! We are so proud of our Lambda Class! These girls have shown so much growth and dedication throughout this entire process. We love you guys and welcome to Everlasting Sisterhood®!


Welcome to the Sigma Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

We are the first Asian-interest Sorority in South Carolina, established in Spring 2016. We are dedicated to our mission of advocating Asian awareness, empowering women leaders through values-based programs, and forging an Everlasting Sisterhood​®.

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